Project Description

Kinship Foster Care in Minnesota: A Study of Three Counties
Date Published: September 1996 (reformatted and repaginated June 2002)
Authors: Sandra Beeman, Esther Wattenberg, Laura Boisen, Susan Bullerdick

This is the final report to the Minnesota Department of Human Services on the Kinship Foster Care in Minnesota Project, a two-year, multi-phase project conducted during 1994-1996. With this project, Minnesota joined the nation-wide effort to examine the current status of kinship foster care and to make recommendations to strengthen the policy and practice framework for kinship foster care.

The purpose of this project was to gather more detailed information about the current status of kinship foster care in Minnesota and to gain knowledge about its strengths and weaknesses in order to inform the development of responsive policy and practice in Minnesota.


Minn-LInK is a unique collaborative, university-based research environment with the express purpose of studying child and family well being in Minnesota using state administrative data from multiple agencies.