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PACC Cohorts Graduate

On April 7 and April 14, the Twin Cities and Rochester cohorts of the Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate had their graduation receptions.

Congratulations to our new PACC graduates!Learn more about PACC

Conference Registration Now Open

Our 15th annual child welfare conference, Attending to Well-Being in Child Welfare, will feature Bryan Samuels of Chapin Hall and Terry Cross of NICWA as keynote speakers. It will be held on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, at the University of Minnesota.For more information and to register

New Minn-LInK Brief

Examining the Impact of Differential Response on Racial Equity Outcomes provides an overview of a study that examined the impact of Differential Response on racial equity and child safety outcomes, focusing on over-represented groups in Minnesota’s child welfare system.View the brief

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About Us
Guiding Values
CASCW’s Outreach activities connect child welfare stakeholders in Minnesota to dynamic, relevant, accessible, research-informed practice and policy resources and trainings. We produce a variety of training events and publications that bridge the worlds of research, policy, and practice, bringing the latest information to students, administrators, policymakers, and practitioners working directly with children and families.
Professional Education encompasses the Center’s work with Title IV-E students and additional academic opportunities for current practitioners. We are committed to supporting students and professionals dedicated to working in the public or tribal child welfare workforce through the distribution of Title IV-E stipends and through the Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate Program (PACC).
CASCW identifies knowledge gaps through engagement of our stakeholders and conducts meaningful, high-quality research in order to advance the field of child welfare. We disseminate information from policy and practice relevant research undertaken by faculty, staff, and graduate students across the University of Minnesota through web publications, peer-reviewed journal articles, and online modules.