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Title IV-E Child Welfare Fellowship Overview

CASCW administers the Title IV-E Child Welfare Fellowship at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work. The goal of the Title IV-E Child Welfare Program is to provide financial support and educational resources to Master of Social Work students committed to post-graduate careers in public or tribal child welfare.

The primary elements of the Title IV-E Child Welfare Fellowship are:

  1. Financial support
  2. Educational/Programmatic expectations and requirements
  3. Employment obligation
  4. Career development and support

Program FAQs

Federal Social Security Title IV-E funds subsidize child welfare services to keep children in their families when possible, provide permanency planning services, and place children in out-of-home care. Public child welfare services are those provided by state or county child protection, foster care, adoption and family services agencies. Title IV-E funds may also be used to support educational and training efforts for the current and future child welfare workforce, including:

  • direct financial assistance (stipends) to undergraduate and graduate students,
  • curriculum development, and
  • field instruction.
Before beginning the application, you may want to view a video produced by the School of Social Work, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. While there would be some differences if you worked in a Minnesota county agency, basically the job responsibilities would be the same.
Financial support varies each year, depending on the State’s access to federal matching funds. We expect to support child welfare graduate students with $6,750 per semester for three or four semesters depending on the student’s program. Undergraduate students in the BSW Consortium currently receive financial support of $2250 per semester.

Stipend awards are contingent upon the institution’s receipt of Title IV-E funding.

For more information for MSW students, visit the Graduate Students page. For BSW students, visit the Undergraduate Students page.



Undergraduate Students

For current and prospective recipients of BSW Title IV-E funding from the BSW Consortium.

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Graduate Students

For current and prospective recipients of MSW Title IV-E funding.



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